1. gavysidhu

    bhut vadiya yaar

  2. bhangralegends

    you fucking suckk….motherfucking discrace…if i knew where u lived id come and kick u ass

  3. NekaTakhar

    ooh motumama mur key nee likhia?gand ni pai da lokan dia profile tey .joke mein dasda mircha terey lardian.

  4. Budsta69

    Its a joke … lighten up.

  5. BayAreaBiker

    Kanjraaaa …hasa hasa ke bura haal karta….

  6. drjessicasingh

    well i didnt understand it………….. toooo much punjabi…

  7. NekaTakhar

    hi dr,i take it you are practicing in india ?its gonna be hard to explain it in english, plus it will take away all the flavouring from the joke when translated.

  8. y2jhumtum

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  9. vsk101

    this guy is fcken jOkEs

  10. Manjitsingh08

    eh suniya but still one of my fav jokes :)

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