Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Diljit Going Bollywood with JATT PEE KE PIPA HO GAYA


Yes As you guess From the Above Picture, Diljit Dosanjh Got his First Song in Bollywood with TIPS productions.Mr. Kumar taurani belives in Punjabi Music too Much and He gave a Chance to Diljit in an Upcoming Film “Tere Naal Love ho gya“.Diljit’s Track “JATT PEE KE PIPA HO GAYA” Will Surely get Love around Bollywood.You will See Diljit Dancing With Ritesh and genelia in Video for this Song.This Film is Set for a February 2012 Release.

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  1. gurdit 4 years ago

    man ge 22 ji asi ta pehla toh hi sardar diljit singh de fan ha ,,, bahut vadiya 22 ji , aur specialy pagg ch hor v sohne lagde ho,, mai diljit naal gal karna chahunda pls mainu unha da no, diwa do .pls bahut meharbani hovegi ,, contact me pls 99882.06995

  2. gurdit singh 4 years ago

    2 good yaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Simranjeet Singh 4 years ago

    Hello!.. veer. manu bahut kushi hai ke tuhanu bollywood film wich gana gaan da chance milya hai . best of luck……

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