1. JasKaur09

    Niceee Chooon.. Cudd B Bettahhh Thoo =]DeeJayy G Loookss Nuff Shxcii Thoo =P

  2. fammily123

    kool mix could u Check out my mix an leave comments please much apriciatedsunny thakur – sean kingston remix take you there

  3. sophie786786

    fkin sik tune

  4. tutti087


  5. jsgrewal1

    sik trak! can u send it on?

  6. mrvercetti08

    woah man ether i had too much weed or everything is upside down boosted trrak man


    I like it;)

  8. bacardicrew

    thanks 4 all the comments ppl!!! more tracks coming sooon :)

  9. asianprincess08

    sik song keep it up xxxx

  10. aman16991

    i love this trk it is sik u dne enymore resently x x

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