Eh Munda Nira Shanichar – Surinder Kaur Asa Singh Mastana

By | August 30, 2009

Punjabi folk song

10 thoughts on “Eh Munda Nira Shanichar – Surinder Kaur Asa Singh Mastana

  1. snghprm

    thanx 22 g looking for this for a long time good job.

  2. gaurav5003

    kya baat aa 22 ji….maza aa gaya……eh song mai bahut der to lab reha c..

  3. gpturke

    great song, purani yaad tazi kra diti tusi janab

  4. ghrich

    It reminds me of the days when we used to listen to All India Radio Jalandher.

  5. sandyjanjua1984

    nahi jee eh asa singh mastana he han,te bebe surinder kaur,Sytle par same hai

  6. dmbrmb

    this is excellent job you did by sharing this old but real gold but i dont under stand why you poste image of yamla jatt it may create confusion to those who are not so familiar with folk history of punjab thanks

  7. muhammad7526

    wah ge wah apna punjabi da swad he hoo ay , maza aaaa gia n abid

  8. harjinderkamal

    bhaji bahut vadia hai rab tuhanu khush rakhe im karampal

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