Gurdas Maan is Back with his 34th Studio Album ROTI, Album is Out now Worldwide.Well We Really Can’t Review The Album of a Legend but We are Doing it For Our Readers.There are 8 Tracks on the Album ROTI and First Video of Title track Roti is out Now.Here is the Track by Track Review of Album ROTI.


1. Akh mere yaar di Dukhe – This Song is Good and We Already Listen this many programs by gurdas Maan.Akh mere Yaar di Dukhe, Laali meriyaan Akhaan de Vich Radke.The Song is Sad and Made on Some Upbeats.Gurdas maan Lyrics are good in this Song.

2. Farmaan – This is the Religious Track on the Album Related to Some Historical Happenings.Lyrics by Gurdas Maan are Just to Depict the Story Happend years Ago.

3. Jaa CHup Karke Turja – Jaa Chup Karke Turja is the Track with Some Uniqueness but There is Nothing Seems to be Big on this track.Music for the Song is Urban and here Gurdas maan is Trying to Rejuvinate Some Old type Song.

4. Je Laayi si te Nibhani – This Track is One of Real Gurdas Maan Type and this Song is All About Ishq, Love, Pyaar.Music For the Song is not Bang on At All and We think Music of the Album is Not According to the Vocals of the Legend.

5. Pind Di Hawa – The Superhit Track from the ALbum and You Will See the Next Video of this Song.This Track is All About Punjbiyat and We Really Appreciate the Work by Gurdas Maan.This is a Legendary Song and This is a 5/5 song in the Album.Mathe te Suhagna de Chaa Sohneya, main haan tere Pind di hawa Sohneya.

6. Raati Chann Naal gallan Karke – Another Sad Song in the Album, Lyrics for the Song are good but We can’t Rate it as the BIG song.Raati Chann naal gallan karke asi hanju Bhar Bhar Roye is a Sad Song but it Fails to Make you Sad.

7. Roti – The Biggest Song by Gurdas Maan and this One Really Gives Out the Message, Why GURDAS MAAN is a Legend in the Punjabi music Industry.Well We Had Seen Some Videos of the live performances of the Song ROTI and We Like them More then the Real Song With Music.The Song is BIG No Doubt but the Music Fails to make the Lyrics More Bigger.

8. Sajna Tenu Tak nhi Rajna – Gurdas Maan is known for his Distinctive Lyrics and This Song is in those Category only.Gurdas maan is Depicting his love With Almighty.

Gurdas Maan is back After Years of His Last Album JOGIYA, Roti is a Good Album but Not a Superhit One According to Us Because Legend Gurdas Maan has Set a High Benchmark for him.The Tracks like Roti, Pind Di Hawa are two Superhits From the Album and only a Legend can Bring Songs like this.We Salute Gurdas Maan for his Contribution in Punjabi music Industry.We Really think The Music of Album ROTI is not Bang On and We Really don’t Know Why the Legend Choose Jatinder Shah over Jaidev Kumar.

We are not Giving any Rating to gurdas Maan ALbum Because He is a Legend and Anyone of us can’t give ANy Rating to Him or his Songs :)