1. 40977676

    so what does sarbans daniya ve mean? I guess he is talking to Guru Gobind Singh Ji…but what does the ‘sarbans daniya’ mean?

  2. alphamale348

    wrong. i kinda get what your saying but to sikhs sikhi comes first before everything. money, love, ego, hate, family and everything else.

  3. alphamale348

    well said. and for the people who want khalistan, i’ll tell you right now that guru granth sahib ji never said for a khalistan, khalistan will be made when waheguru chooses. and for the people who just get angry about things said brush up on our history. sikhi is about peace and protecting anyone who needs it, not just our own kind.

  4. 11bathinda11

    nai risan bai g sarbansdani(guru gobind singh ji) diyan………….thanx to gurdas maan for this song…and thanx to u bai g for uploading this nice song..rab rakha.

  5. the09011974

    fuck you too

  6. sohsur

    have you no shjame he’s speking of the 10 great guru’s and you’re cussing sharam anee chadiey

  7. sohsur

    Sharam nai andee?Wheather you believe in Sikhism or not you never swear at someone’s religeous leader.You should be ashamed.

  8. Jutt4Life

    it was indira who propped up Khalistan movement to weaken the Akalis.. Bhinderenwala was covertly supported by Congress, ofcourse he himself was unaware of this. It were the sly Hindus which tried to use “divide and rule” against Sikhs.. fuked up the whole country.. nd the power hungry bitch who planned it out lost her life!! dun fuk wid Sikhs!

  9. iamthedarklord1314

    Dont use that obscene language here please. You have no respect for faith and relegion.

  10. corruptjatt

    nicely said.. nobody looks into the past and into what people have done right. always the wrongs.

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