Honey Singh-Bring Me Back


Yo Yo Honey Singh Bring Me Back

After a Month of Some bad patches and Some Negative news All Around, Our Boy Yo Yo Honey Singh is Making a Come Back and A Real Solid This Time.Honey Singh is COming Back with a Song Named Bring Me Back.Moral of Honey Singh and His management is Down but they Know How To get it Solved, lawyers of Honey Singh are Working on the Issue and All things Will be Solved.

Honey Singh Bring Me Back Premiering on Saturday only on MTV India

Honey Singh Written this Song About his Journey in last month and How he was Ripped of !! , So All Eyes on Yo Yo Honey singh Once again and He Will Deliver a Superhit Once again



7 Responses to Honey Singh-Bring Me Back

  1. aryan says:

    har kuch song tha bhai . i like it mannn.

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