Mehndi Bhangra Dance – Performance By Uk Desi Boyz

Asif and Ilyas performing at a mehndi (Manchester, UK)

1st song – ‘Das Ja’ by Dj Sanj

2nd song – ‘Bhangra Punjabian Ne’ by Lehmber Hussainpuri.

10 Responses to Mehndi Bhangra Dance – Performance By Uk Desi Boyz

  1. roshina0 says:

    oiiiii u guys cumin on ma wedding??????????

  2. OriginalChik09 says:

    Da Is Wun Siik DanceDey Lukiin Fiit…x

  3. spontaneousbaba says:

    i like it at 1.06 min.LMAO

  4. nazzy2009 says:

    That was heavy, u guys should be on britains got talent! ;-)

  5. classy9sassy says:

    u guys perform at weddingz can you do myn? reply bacx

  6. kamzoet says:

    i think its better for you to ask relatives to dance for u, it will be more special :) i always dance for my relatives…

  7. classy9sassy says:


  8. TheHASSAN7 says:

    mashaallah that is a really good performance. keep it up.

  9. MaryamBL says:

    great song and great dance…3 cheers definitely..hippp hipppp hooooray hipppp hipppp hooorya and shout out 1 more tym hiiiip hiiip hooray….wohooooo lol=P

  10. H1Sophie says:

    Da dance woz sooooooo gurrdnd da boizzXX

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