1. mukeshmuteja07860


  2. badyal92

    She is tring to pretends like Hannah Montana

  3. 786nomicheema

    do u have da link for da audio send me if u do plzz

  4. tubeyou1901

    omg fuckin hot song!!!!

  5. munish16

    oh shit she fukin looks bangin DAM

  6. tubeyou1901

    miss pooja u r rockingnice song and video is awesomegod bless u

  7. 1987bilo

    miss pooja is great mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. mannigr8

    great job………pooja……..i like it…..

  9. 927ar

    not bad, but beat has some of the same charactristics of his older compositions.

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