Nit Khair Mangan – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan And Hans Raj Hans

By | August 30, 2009


10 thoughts on “Nit Khair Mangan – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan And Hans Raj Hans

  1. bewakufdost

    Hey friends dont fight just litsen good music and if u can apriciate u do other wise u can dislike and every one have the rights to say there coment . Both are good singers and they sing with feeling i think we should respect both its my openion.

  2. 7sam1

    They both have different pitch so they are masters in their range of singing.God bless them.

  3. josephinemasih

    idk…rahat is the best…..his uncle was the bestest……..hans is nothing compared to rahat feteh ali khan…..

  4. shreemandirfatuwal1

    Hans Raj Hans has prestigious awards like ‘Punjab Ratan’ & ‘Padam Shree’,,,he isalso ‘Raj Gayak of Punjab’,,,once a time in a tv show Junoon Mr. Rahat Fateh ali khan said that he is big fan of HRH,,so Mr. josephinemasih speak after take care

  5. josephinemasih

    first a miss…not mr. and the feteh ali khan family is the best when it comes to qawalli…….it doesnt matter what you say…i have my opinions and you have yours…

  6. munafa

    josephinemasih, your rite to a degree, the heteh family are in a different league, however, this does not mean no one else can sing as good as them, dumb bitch!

  7. josephinemasih

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