Punjabi Sad Songs Part 3 (must Listen) Broken Heart

punjabi sad songs part 3


10 Responses to Punjabi Sad Songs Part 3 (must Listen) Broken Heart

  1. uditroxxxx says:

    Watz The 1st song name..??

  2. d3siz says:

    bahut vadiyah video j33ta ji…. Thankyou….te can u tell me the songs at 2:40 te 4:10 and there singer names … thankyou again… keep it up

  3. jnoor5 says:

    nice song collection

  4. DeejayLav says:

    Nice songg!!.. check some of my mixes adn subscribe:)

  5. amanae72 says:

    well done janab…..boht wadiya songs colection…call u tel me all d singrs..keep it up!

  6. J333TA says:

    songs r by lakhwinder lucky, feroz khan, sukhbir rana, resham, harbhajan shera, manmohan waris, inderjeet nikku

  7. punjabikuri16 says:

    i LOVEEEE the songs u used in ur vid …gd job can u tell me the songs name and the singers name for the song that starts ata 0:30

  8. J333TA says:

    its by sukhbir rana

  9. sxybabe2 says:

    what is the song that starts at 3:22 ???thank you

  10. J333TA says:

    its called kamliye by resham

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