1. MrMagital

    oh my god, what a cool song, does anyone know the name of this song, thanks.

  2. turboraj

    hi does any1 know who sang the song ???cheeRS

  3. raman176

    babu maan sang this song

  4. MrMagital

    can you please tell me the name of this song, thanks

  5. sarabjitmatharu

    Just for your information.. His real name was Surjit Singh Bains.

  6. SueOlsson

    WOW This is powerful …good music and voice…ended too abruptly though…can you redo it to end better? Coz it’s really good as far as you got with it.

  7. mrchocolateeee

    babu mann

  8. pakelena85

    who sang this song. i think i heard this voice before but can’t remember who this voice belongs to.

  9. HappyPunjabi1

    Nice there is another song by Bindrakhia (Rove Saari Saari Raat) which was not on youtube Until i uploaded it, check it out. Rate and Comment plz

  10. jhensingh

    So nice to see your face…I miss you yaar… I still dance to your music everyday…great video

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