9 thoughts on “Sad Song Amrinder Gill

  1. dharm0kahlon

    thanks for ur complement , this is indian panjabi song and it is sad love song…….., boy sing this song for his gf who already leave him alone in this world……..:( but that boy things this is not true coz she is in my heart and she will come to me one day……..:)and i also think my choise will come to me one day……….;)

  2. mysterious0woman

    thanks – now I know what I wanted to know ;)

  3. tammu06

    hey can u plz tell me name n album of this song

  4. dharm0kahlon

    Yep , The name of this song is afwah by Amrinder Gill :)–Regards

  5. lovehilary

    hey u must change the name instread of sad song amrinder gilll — “”” chnage it too >> afwah – by marinder gilll – better to know that wht song ur mentionin instred of sayin it”s a sad song >>. rest up to u — just a thought … :)

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