Sada Chiriyan Da Chamba Ve – Mussarat Nazir

Punjabi folk song

10 Responses to Sada Chiriyan Da Chamba Ve – Mussarat Nazir

  1. nomiemalik says:

    its really owsome song with the best poetry.although i have not got daughter but still when i listen this song tears always comes in my eyes and i dont know why anyway its a wonderfull song.

  2. MrBilal2009 says:

    Also try to listen the voice of Legendary Tufail Niazi……you will weep loudly…

  3. kannadiga100 says:

    can some one translate in hindi or urdu please, great song

  4. MarasianDaUstad says:

    Here is the translation of the first part:For us girls, living in the father’s house is like living in a bird’s nest because we are going to fly away. Our flight is long, father, we are not going to return.

  5. wisemaninmadworld says:

    lovely,,hindi,urdu,India,pakis tan,punjab here ,punjab there…we have to cross these manmade boundaries and learn to accept we are the same people and theres mutual affection for each other.It doesnot matter where the song is from,listen to the lyrics..its about how a bride feels in the Indian sub-continent,when she leaves her father’s house.For a girl in one day the entire world changes.Lovely song and singer.

  6. MrBilal2009 says:

    wiseman… are  really a rightman.

  7. amjalali says:

    i always cry, when ever i listen this song. Love u Mussarat for making such a beautiful song.

  8. High2Tension says:

    oh so sweet GOD Bless u sister

  9. Mirpuria says:

    Ghonsla isn’t hindi it’s Urdu

  10. banff123456 says:


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