Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sharry Maan on Sets of Chandigarh Waliye


Sharry Maan Album is Out and making Vibes All Over.You will See YANKENE Video in Two Days Time.After this Chandigarh Waliye Video is in the Making.

Haardh Di Garmi Dek De Thale Manja Daa Ke Baitha Si..
Khant Wale De Geetan Di Main CD Laa Ke Baitha Si..
Ohdeya Geetan Dil Khush Kita Jeonda Rahe Dildaar..
Ni Chandigarh Waliye Hun Ni Murhde Yaar..
Ni Chandigarh Waliye Miss Callan Na Maar… 😉
Ni Chandigarh Waliye Hun Ni Murhde Yaar

So All the Best to Sharry maan for his Project Running Good All Over.

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