Wednesday, November 25, 2015

STEREO NATION-TAZ Unleash his New Album Desi & U Know it


STEREO NATION – TAZ is ready to un-leash his new album. He is a British Born Pop Icon, Singer Songwriter, and Multi Platinum Selling Artist, and now BRITAIN’S first Bollywood Music Director.He is ready to release the new STEREO NATION album DESI & U KNOW IT this may and He is India for the Release.

The album is a culmination of  TAZ’s hard work, creativity and passion and TAZ introduces a very talented Artist & Producer from Delhi by the name of — JSL, that is featured and collaborated / co-produced the album. We begin with the first single ‘DESI & U KNOW IT’ being a hard hitting DANCE CLUB BLOCK BUSTER, (A New & Modern Age Of Traditional Boliyan) ft. JSL, with driving beats pounding through your chest and sets a precedence for the sound of the future. Sure to set party revelers on fire and rock dance floors across the world it has an anathematic hook line for fans to sing along to instantly.

Songs on the album such as ‘JAAN MEREE BANJA’ ft. JSL & Urban Super Star ROACH KILLA, (The second single) has the flavors of ragga beats, amalgamated with the traditional STEREO NATION signature of infectious and hypnotic melodies & chorus, supported by TAZ’s cacophonous bass lines and sexy, sweet vocals.

‘SHAHAR DIYE KOREEYEH’ ft. URBAN Stars METZ & TRIX, set to be the third single and this again demonstrates TAZ’s diversity in his vocal styles going from singing in English RnB style to Soulful Panjabi. The song has a very infectious chorus with a slightly rockier edge, and a definite groove that will take you by surprise.

‘MELANA DE NAAL AYEE MITRO’ ft. JSL is a Classic super hit song, originally sung by the band ‘HEERA’ and one of TAZ’s favorites. The reason for re-doing this song in TAZ’s words ” I simply wanted to re-introduce this beautiful song back to Bhangra Lovers around the world, as its always been one of those songs that you do not have a choice but to DANCE your socks off to!!! ” Other Collaboration’s include EV of A-SLAM & LEONSO / DJ SHADOW & DJ YZZ of Dubai.

The song that certainly changes the mood of the album and that stands out, is “JE TU BANJA MEREE” full of melody, a touch of intimacy & Class, away from the hard hitting dance numbers. This song is a very easy listening love song about longing and self-discovery. Sang in Hindi, English & Panjabi, the song sinks into a very smooth reggae rhythm, collaged with a beautiful mesmerizing classical violin echoing in the wind. The composition is sure to relax your mind body and soul and by the time the album concludes you’ll feel you’ve taken this intimate journey with TAZ.

‘The album is very Contemporary in style and encompasses a very soulful rainbow of vocal styles, and once again will set yet another milestone in TAZ’s history and repertoire. Diverse as always, TAZ sustains the formula Stereo Nation is famous for by way of continuing to write songs that have Evergreen Sustainability, Multi-Lingual, Strong Melodies, Catchy Hooks & Lyrics that touch the hearts of everyday people. Music Producers and Industry Executives believe that this will be an inspiring piece of work that Budding Producers, Musicians, and fans will Marvel and Admire for Years and Years to Come

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