Surjit Bindrkakhia – Boliyan


9 Responses to Surjit Bindrkakhia – Boliyan

  1. WaRoXDrAg says:


  2. Youidiotdude says:

    bhangra roots do fucked the song up why adding to much aha’s and Oh’a and chakdeys and bruuaaah’s

  3. Youidiotdude says:

    hey jatt guy, whats the proper name of this song? its such as good song

  4. bruinbhangra says:

    akh tu churbare

  5. Youidiotdude says:

    i love his voice

  6. Youidiotdude says:

    he is a legend but he drank whey too much alcahol causing his death.

  7. Youidiotdude says:

    he od’d on coke u idiot. his liver was already fucked from alcohol abuse tho.

  8. kavimander says:

    any idea where i can dl this song?

  9. Gurinder828 says:


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